Here are MarketWatch’s most popular Moneyist advice columns of 2022 and 5 things not to buy in 2023

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2023 gas prices will average 50 cents less per gallon than 2022, but expect to pay this at the pump come May

GasBuddy doesn’t see a repeat of the record above $5 per gallon of gas paid during 2022’s wild swings for the energy markets, but prices won’t stay this low. Read More

Here are MarketWatch’s most popular Moneyist advice columns of 2022

Battles over inheritance, bad dates, family feuds and housing all featured among our advice columnist’s most-read letters of the past 12 months. Read More

5 things not to buy in 2023

Do you want to save some cash for the New Year? Think twice before splurging on these items. Read More

Mega Millions drawing tonight: What time is it, and how big is the jackpot now?

The odds of winning the top prize — which has hit over half a billion dollars — are 1 in 302,575,350 Read More

Buffalo’s ‘blizzard of the century’ and Southwest’s 2,900 canceled flights prompt closer look at climate change and severe storms

The calendar flipped to winter and promptly ushered in Elliott, what weather authorities deemed a ‘once-in-a-generation’ storm that has hobbled holiday travel. Read More

‘Auto makers are building more expensive vehicles’: Why you should not buy a new car in 2023

It will take longer for dealers to be willing to offer compelling discounts. Meanwhile, cars have gotten even more expensive relative to income. Read More

With this simple year-end change to your retirement accounts, you can reap significant tax rewards

‘Average tax rates are significantly lower than most people realize,’ writes Kevin Caldwell, principal at Golden Road Advisors in Tampa, Fla. Read More

Dear Tax Guy: I bought a portable oxygen concentrator for a friend with terminal cancer. Could it be a charitable donation?

What does the tax code say about this compassionate gift? Read More

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