How to Become a Day Trader: Lyss TJ Roberts’ Story

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Lyss Tj Roberts started trading in 2012 and quit a year later when all of the small cap stocks she had invested in went bankrupt. Then a conversation with another retail day trader piqued her interest. He talked about his returns from ASX stocks. Six years after her first foray, she started again, this time focusing on medium and large cap stocks.

We talked with Lyss, who trades on an IG platform, about her journey from small caps to day trader. Highlights follow:

What did your return to trading look like?

It was 2018. I initially used the demo version for one or two months before I deposited real funds. The capital I’ve built from my business in property flipping and townhouse developments helped me to weather the volatility in Q3 and Q4 of 2020.

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What kind of trader are you?

A combination of Day and Swing Trader.

Do you benefit from a trading mentor or club where you discuss ideas?

The trading education space can be messy and confusing so I prefer to keep it very simple. I consume a lot of educational content during lockdowns. I utilize the analysis and education features from IG such as the email reports, IG live and webinars.

Are there other resources that help you learn or gain insight that are valuable?

For CFDs (derivative trading instruments) I focus on the resources from my brokers, as well as staying up to date with the market news from Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. For my share trading, I occasionally use the Hot Copper forum, Live Wire Markets and Motley Fool.

Outside of trading, what are your interests?

I’m a dynamic woman and I thrive on challenges and learning. I’m also a family oriented person and very close to my family. I am now a location independent and financially free active investor & trader. Some of my interests outside of trading is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, explore spirituality and visit beautiful places.

I’m currently based in Melbourne and I enjoy my life with my fiancé. We both love travelling and happy to be based anywhere in the world. I am still doing house flipping alongside trading as I enjoy the creative and tangible aspect of it and it can be a great way to have financial longevity.

Is there a recent news event that caused you to buy or sell?

The strength of economic statistics and fears of inflation and higher interest rates caused me to scale back my positions. I still continue to dollar-cost average into growth and innovation stocks. China’s big business crackdown has led me to divest from the Chinese market.

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