McDonald’s to phase out self-serve soda machines in the U.S.

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So much for pouring your own soda at McDonald’s. The fast-food chain said it will stop offering the self-serve option at its U.S. locations by 2032, according to reports from CNN and other news outlets.

For years, McDonald’s

customers have been able to fill — and refill — their carbonated beverages to their heart’s content. But that option is less relevant in an era when more people are opting for take-out or drive-through ordering at McDonald’s rather than eating in the restaurant.

The company has been making other changes in response to shifting consumer dining habits. It recently announced it was launching a new concept restaurant, CosMc’s, that would feature a smaller seating area.

Other factors may also be at play in the move to do away with self-serve soda, according to news reports. Concerns about theft and hygiene could also figure into the decision.

Fans of the self-serve option aren’t happy about the news, however. As one simply said on the social-media platform X: “Noooooooo.”

MarketWatch has reached out to McDonald’s for comment.


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