Nikola says electric-truck recall has no timeline or cost estimate

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Chief Executive Steve Girsky said the company can’t yet share the timeline or cost estimate for the voluntary recall of 209 of its battery-electric trucks.

The Phoenix-based zero-emission truck maker initiated a voluntary recall in August after an investigation found a battery defect caused a fire in one of its vehicles. The company also placed a temporary hold on sales of those trucks, called the Tre BEV model.

In recorded remarks Wednesday, Girsky said trucks that have been returned to the company will have their coolant lines replaced. Each truck has nine battery packs, each of which has two coolant loops.

In some cases entire battery pack modules would need to be replaced, according to Girsky.

Trucks that remain in operation are under surveillance by the company, and no issues have been observed.

All repaired vehicles will undergo validation testing, Girsky said.

“It’s a setback, but we’re in it for the long haul.”

Nikola said in August its recall could lead to significant cost and could threaten the company’s ability to meet its delivery guidance for the year.


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