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Think you know where interest rates are headed? Here’s some advice

Bond market timing is not easy, and never has been Read More

This little-known stock market indicator is bullish for 2023

The ‘January Sentiment Effect’ Read More

‘Don’t just sit there, do something.’ The stock market is telling you to make some hard decisions with your money now.

It’s never different this time — but right now sure feels like it is, writes Chuck Jaffe. Read More

Are ETF investors bailing on growth stocks just as tech stocks jump?

Technology and growth stocks are off to a strong start in 2023, but a popular exchange-traded fund isn’t getting much love lately.  Read More

The S&P 500 is trying to top 4100, and the odds favor that happening by the end of January.

Late January’s typical trading pattern is bullish for the U.S. stock market. Read More

Bitcoin and crypto are moving past FTX’s collapse, but the road back will be rough

The crypto market is currently in a bottoming process, with a mixed year ahead. Read More

6 cheap stocks that famed value-fund manager Bill Nygren says can help you beat the market

Manager of the top-performing Oakmark Fund wins by paying ‘average prices for really good businesses.’ Read More

‘The Nasdaq is our favorite short.’ This market strategist sees recession and a credit crunch slamming stocks in 2023.

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough expects the S&P 500, junk bonds and previous darlings like Tesla to slide further. He’s long gold, silver and defensive ETFs. Read More

Why the unexpectedly weak Leading Economic Indicators might be good news

The Recession Buy Indicator takes advantage of three known patterns Read More

This is why Joe Burrow and Blake Griffin are investing in farming

Top athletes across North America’s “big four” sports are trying something new: farming. Read More

Climate investing is ‘a matter of value, not values,’ says State Street’s O’Hanley

So-called anti-woke arguments against ESG investing “have left facts aside” and lost sight of long-term shareholder needs, argues State Street’s Ron O’Hanley Read More

This dividend-stock ETF has a 12% yield and is beating the S&P 500 by a substantial amount

Hamilton Reiner co-manages the $18.7 billion JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF and explains his strategy Read More

‘The Fed-fueled fantasy bubble has popped.’ Stock investors are detached from reality — but they’re about to get a big dose.

‘Realistically, we tag 3200 to 3300 on the S&P 500,’ warns veteran trader Jeffrey Bierman. Read More


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