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This fund manager stopped worrying about economics. Now he is outperforming the stock market.

A change in strategy has helped transform the GoodHaven Fund from a long-term underperformer into an outperformer since the end of 2019. Read More

Saving too little? Spending too much? How to know if your money worries are rational (or not).

Even the wealthy have concerns: “It’s about the big emotions around major life decisions.” Read More

Here’s proof that underdog stocks can make you more money than the market’s ‘best in show’

Shares of companies that fell the most in Fortune’s “Most Admired” ranking outperformed the stocks of companies moving up the list. Read More

This bond-market reality could crush investors’ hopes for a soft landing

The spread between high-yield bonds and Treasurys elevates U.S. recession risk. Read More

Gold’s rally has nearly run its course

The monthly contrarian update of market timer sentiment. Read More

Is Meta now a value stock?

A case can be made that Meta is the best value among the “Magnificent Seven” stocks. Read More

Do what this deal-making CEO does and find ‘AI proof’ industries for your money

Healthcare, retail, manufacturing and building products are industries that will benefit from AI. Read More

How to navigate market risk from interest rates, the economy and politics in 2024

Cyclical and small-cap stocks could get a boost this year. Read More

Markets are ‘fundamentally broken’ due to passive investing, says David Einhorn

“The value industry has gotten completely annihilated,” says hedge-fund titan. Read More

New bitcoin ETFs are boosting crypto exchanges. Here’s how.

Crypto exchanges provide liquidity for exchange-traded products. Read More


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