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From MarketWatch:

This is what the Social Security crisis looks like: Not sure what’s happening with Social Security but worried you won’t get your benefit one day? Read this. 

How working past 65 can affect your Medicare, Social Security, HSA and taxes: Many Americans are working well into their 60s, or for some, 70s. The decision could impact healthcare and retirement benefits, so be aware of the rules. 

6 lessons I learned from growing up with my grandparents – and great-grandparents: Older generations can teach us so much about living. 

Also on MarketWatch:

5 reasons why now is the time to retire overseas

Help wanted: No over-50s need apply

Your Social Security check may be a lot bigger next year. Now here’s the bad news. 

3 ways retirees can make the most of their money in an unpredictable market

On your travels, consider visiting these ruggedly beautiful islands with an ancient past 

People who do this one thing every day have half the dementia risk that the rest of us do 

Medicare enrollment doesn’t have to be that complicated

Amid inflation, here’s how some Americans are maxing out their 401(k) plans 

These experts think retirees should time the market

More in retirement news:

Retiring young can cost you (Government Executive

US falls to 18th place in global retirement ranking (Bloomberg)

Is Tom Brady regretting coming out of retirement? (ESPN

Maryland rolls out state-sponsored retirement program for businesses (Washington Business Journal)

How to use your HSA as a retirement plan (The Motley Fool)

You might be saving too much for retirement (yes, really) (Money)

Research and Insight:

Participants not satisfied with retirement plan digital experience: J.D. Power (401(K) Specialist)

Long-term care out of reach for middle-income seniors by 2033 (BenefitsPRO)

New study examines motivations for plan engagement (Plansponsor)

Unmarried and married women have different levels of retirement confidence (Planadviser)

The bridge to a larger Social Security check (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Gig and self-employed workers need this to save for retirement 

This is how much Social Security benefits are likely to rise next year

8 tough questions to ask before lending money to family or friends 

Impact of COVID-19 on life expectancy is misleading 

This new legislation could help more young people save for retirement

These are the forces trying to ‘steal your joy’ in retirement 

Should I sign up for Medicare?

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